The Goal

For 16 years we have been waiting to take this next step because we were never in a rush to build a church that was an empty parking lot for 6 days a week. We wanted to create something that was economically sustainable (not a financial albatross), and a natural hub to our community (not an empty building Monday thru Saturday).
Recently we were led to some strategic partners (Building God’s Way Services) that could help us make this a reality. We will have a place to call home, including an incredible new auditorium for our Sunday gatherings, and a safe, state of the art area for our kids. But we will also have a place to share with the community, name an event center, a daycare and a hotel. The ministries of Venture will be as diverse as our community.
The event center, day care and hotel will be separate for-profit ventures. And because we will share ownership in the complex, we will also share in the revenues from each.
So not only will we never have a mortgage payment, this space will create revenue that we can then invest in our community and reaching the unreached.