Frequently Asked Questions

Digging deeper. You’ll find some of the most common FAQs below. You can also find a full FAQ document at the bottom.


We are first inviting you to seek God’s leading on what it would look like for you to go ALL IN in every aspect of your life. This is not something we can instruct, but rather, something we encourage you to pray over and then act on.

Everyone’s next step will look much different. This is why it is so important to seek God’s counsel as you prepare your gift.

  1. Commit to pray and fast once a week
  2. Pray for guidance
  3. Ask questions. We have a team that is ready to answer any questions that we get
  4. Respond to what God is asking you to do
  5. Encourage other people who are doing this with you

How is this different than a traditional church building project?

  1. It’s not a traditional church building. Rather than being saddled with a mortgage and an empty building most of the time, this kind of building is a shared space for the community and creates revenue rather than a monthly expense (giving us more margin to do kingdom minded ministry over the short and long term).
  2. It gives us more bang for our buck. All we need to do is buy the land. The expense of the building construction is shared by the other investors. No mortgage….ever.

What happens if we don’t meet our goal?

The purpose of this initiative is to raise money for a building program. While there is always the possibility of not meeting all of the goals, the goal of constructing a building that is sustainable will not go away. All money raised will be placed in a separate account for this purpose.

What happens if the hotel and daycare are not profitable?

The other businesses on this site include a day care, coffee shop, and event center. While each of these have significant potential, the only one being used in our financial pro-forma is the day care. Income derived from the event center and coffee shop will literally be “frosting on the cake.” It’s also worth noting that a few thousand homes are being constructed in the market area at the same time of this project. We anticipate both the hotel and daycare will be profitable within the first 6 months.

Three major areas to consider when building a new center like this:
1) Feasibility: We’ve commissioned feasibility studies to access profitability. Both of ours (for the hotel and daycare) came back with very high feasibility based on market saturation, need and location (and other factors).
2) New competition or a deterioration of supple side (need): Our feasibility study considered known competition and any new competition would have much higher costs of land than our site, as well as the ability to have shared costs (parking, landscaping, site development, etc.).
3) Management issues: Proposed management for this site has a very strong track record and ability to be successful. However, management change is always on the table if needed.

If the economy takes a down turn (which is always possible), the partnership will run the business on working capital. Also, the diversity of the business gives more overall stability. One segment can weather a downturn while the other picks up the slack.

What if I’ve never giving to Venture before?

If you’ve never given to Venture Church before then this can be a fantastic first step for you. Just go to Click on Give and you’ll be able to set yourself up quickly and securely.

What if I’m new here?

We are so glad you are here, welcome!

You may be wondering, “What is this all about?” The answer is: Vision. Venture is a unique church answering a big calling from a great God. We love loud, risk often and hope always. We would love for you to make Venture your home and be an engaged follower of Christ.

What is the timeline for this project?

Currently, we are hoping to break ground in August of this year. The project will be about a 12-15 month build all together.

Has this been done before?

This concept is very new to churches. Portions of this model are working throughout the United States. We are not aware of one location with all of these facilities. BGW related managed operates day cares and hotels across the country. A complex similar to ours (Hub801 Event Center) is operating in Ogden, Utah. Another BGW related site was able to give over $700,000 to Africa last year thru hotel revenues.

How are we going to pay for our part ($1 Million for the land)?

Though a three year capital campaign and sacrificial giving. We are asking and leading each person to seek God and His plan for their investment in this project. It will be important for people to give what they can give on April 17 AND make commitments for what they can give over the next 36 months. As each person seeks God and follows His leadership, our belief is that God will provide.
These commitments will provide the foundation we will need to make a short term loan on the remaining money needed to close on the property.

What happens if we run out of funds before the project is completed?

BGW Services (Building God’s Way) carries a contingency in every project for such needs. Over 90% of BGW’s (our architect) projects on a national basis do not use contingency and in fact complete the project less expensively that originally anticipated.

Will there be job opportunities available in the hotel, event center and daycare?

Absolutely. The number of jobs is still being determined, however, “Venturers” will have priority in consideration.

What happened to the money that we gave to the ROOTS campaign last year?

Ultimately, that door (to buy property to fuel an internship program and a missional family hub) was closed last year. Little did we know, that initial giving has made it possible to be where we are in this process today. Overall, $85,000 was given last year of Roots, and we have used those funds to cover soft costs for this project already incurred (earnest money, architectural and design fees, feasibility studies, BGW consulting fees, etc.). We expect there to be between $150,000 to $200,000 in soft costs above the purchase of the land itself.

Executive team

If you have more questions, see the full FAQ document below. Also feel free to reach out to anyone on our Executive team below

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